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The easiest and best-known way to calculate the maximum heart rate is to use the formula 220 - age.

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Information About the Maximum Heart Rate Calculator

The maximum heart rate can be calculated using the formula 220 - age, but the actual maximum heart rate varies from person to person so that the maximum heart rate is ±20 beats per minute from the estimated result for 95 percent of people.

Alternative Formulas for Estimating Maximum Heart Rate

Dr. Martha Gulati et al
According to studies by Gulati et al (2010), the most common formula for calculating maximum heart rate is designed for men and therefore the result given is too high for women. The study measured the maximum heart rates of 5 437 women and the results indicated that the average heart rate for women can be calculated using the formula 206 - (0.88).

Londeree and Moeschberger
According to studies conducted in the University of Missouri-Columbia (1982), the maximum heart rate often varies with age, but not linearly. The research results have given rise to the formula 206.3 - (0.711 x age).

When the maximum heart rate of actively training athletes is measured, the following formulas are given. The formulas are based on a British study, Whyte et al (2008).

Male athletes: 202 - (0.55 x Age)
Female athletes: 216 - (1.09 x Age)

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