Loan Calculator / Mortgage Calculator

Use the loan calculator to find out how the interest affects your loan and what are the total expenses of the loan.

Loan Calculator


Monthly instalment

Annual percentage rate
Number of instalments instalments (mo.)
Estimated total expenses
Share of interest
Share of loan management fees
Share of credit fee

Using the Loan Calculator

Use the loan calculator to easily plan a loan that suits you using different alternatives. The loan calculator also allows you to find out how the loan instalments are distributed along the payment period, years into the future.

Enter the amount of loan required, the average interest and the loan period, and the loan calculator will display the monthly instalment. If you wish to find out how big a loan you could get with a particular monthly instalment, enter the monthly instalment, loan period and interest rate in the calculator. See, for example, how much you could get with the rent that you currently pay. You can also calculate the length of a loan period with a particular monthly instalment and amount.

See how a raise in the interest rate would affect your monthly instalment or the length of the loan period.

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