Interest Calculator

Use the interest calculator to easily calculate the total expenses when you purchase items using a credit card or take a payday loan.

Interest Calculator


Total expenses of the loan

Monthly instalment
Annual percentage rate
Number of instalments instalments (mo.)
Share of interest
Share of loan management fees

Using the Interest Calculator

Calculating the interest of a loan is easy with the interest calculator. Use the interest calculator to find out e.g. the effective costs of credit card purchases and payday loans.

For example, consider a case where you purchase an item worth 2 500 euros using a Visa or other credit card and you plan on paying it back within 6 months. The bank charges an interest rate of 8.5% and the account management fee is $2.50/month. In this case, the share of interest and expenses will be €77.34 and the total expenses will be €2 577.34.

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