BAC Calculator / Alcohol Calculator / Calories of Drinks

The alcohol calculator provides an approximation of how alcoholic drinks of different alcohol contents increase the blood alcohol content. The calculator also provides an estimate of the amount of energy in the drinks.

BAC Calculator / Alcohol Calculator / Calories of Drinks


Units of alcohol consumed

Type of drinkSizeAmount
Medium strength beer, cider, gin long drink less than 4.7%0.5 l pint
0.33 l bottle
1 l bottle
Strong beer, strong cider, gin long drink 5-8%0.5 l pint
0.33 l bottle
Low-alcohol wine 10-15%12 cl glass
16 cl glass
24 cl glass
0.75 l bottle
Fortified wine and mixed drinks 16-22%8 cl glass
0.375 l bottle
0.75 l bottle
Hard liquors 35-40%4 cl glass
0.5 l bottle
0.7 l bottle
Consumed units in total

Blood Alcohol Content

Your blood alcohol content is 0 per mille. The alcohol will clear from your blood in 0 hours at the earliest.

Energy in the Units of Alcohol

The amount of alcohol that you have consumed has about 0 kcal of energy. To metabolise it, you would have to have sex for 0 minutes.

Information About the Alcohol Calculator

The calculator is based on population averages and is therefore unreliable when calculating the values of an individual. There are major individual differences in how alcohol is metabolised.

The blood alcohol content can be accurately measured only with a breathalyser.

Energy in Alcohol (Calories)

Have you ever wondered how much energy you consume when you drink? The amount of energy in alcohol is almost the same as in fat, which is a lot. One gram of fat has 9 kcal, and one gram of alcohol has 7 kcal. A single unit of alcohol in a restaurant has roughly 15 grams of alcohol.

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