Age Calculator

Use the age calculator to calculate exactly how many years, months and days old you are.

Age Calculator

You are now exactly

  • 0 years, 0 months ja 0 days old

Your next birthday is

  • in 0 days

and the day of the week is

The day of the week on which you were born was

Your age can also be expressed in different units of time as follows

  • 0 days old
  • 0 years
  • 0 months
  • 0 weeks
  • 0 hours
  • 0 minutes
  • 0 seconds

Information About the Age Calculator

In addition to your exact age, the age calculator also tells you e.g. when you were or will be 10 000 days old. See e.g. how many hours or days old your new-born baby is.

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